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Lotus Asian Kitchen & Lounge
901 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104

Lotus Asian Kitchen & Lounge

901 Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98104

Lotus Asian Kitchen is now bringing the great Vietnamese and Chinese flavors of Green Leaf to First Hill! We are excited to introduce our new neighbors to the eclectic variety of fresh and tasty dishes we are known for throughout Seattle. From pho to Mongolian Beef to spring rolls to Peking Duck, everything we make is vibrant and original, charged with our own special seasonings and spices.

You might enjoy beginning your meal with a drink from our bar. We serve beer, wine, a great selection of cocktails and plenty of non-alcoholic choices as well. Accompany your drink with crunchy spring rolls, steaming dumplings or vietnamese chicken wings. Our appetizer plates are big enough to share, so bring a friend!

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Or perhaps you're in the mood for a hot, rich bowl of Vietnam's famous noodle soup: Pho. We take special care to simmer our broth for hours before adding spices such as anise, Thai basil, cardamom and chilis. Rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, meatballs or chicken, bean sprouts and lime complete the dish. It's heaven in a bowl.

Our main dishes include both authentic Vietnamese dishes and familiar Chinese favorites. Vietnamese cuisine is lighter than Chinese and uses different flavors, such as lemongrass, and rice noodles rather than heavier wheat noodles. Here at Lotus, you can try a bit of each! Some of our customers' favorite Vietnamese treats include lemongrass chicken on vermicelli and our fresh, not fried, spring rolls. For lovers of Chinese food, we have Spare Ribs, Egg Fu Young and our wildly popular Peking Duck, which is served with warm flatbread. Our customers can't get enough.

Lotus Asian Kitchen and Lounge is open every night until 2:00 am so that you can satisfy your craving for delicious Asian food until the wee hours. We're happy to serve you and look forward to seeing you on First Hill!

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